A subscription to SEIFSA PIPS entitles a company to the following benefits:

Access to the online publication containing all the indices. This is information is updated on a monthly basis
A username and password for online access to the indices
Free telephone assistance from SEIFSA’s Economics and Commercial Division on questions and queries a company may have
Access to historic information on the indices (some dating back to the 1950s) – available on request from the Economics and Commercial Division.
A monthly report on price movement compiled by SEIFSA’s Economics Unit.
 SEIFSA offers a dedicated consulting service, for companies needing assistance with the compilation of their contract price adjustment clauses or any other matters relating to contract price adjustment or the use of the indices*
We also facilitate a Theory and Calculation of Contract Price Adjustment Workshop, which is designed to equip users of the indices with an accurate understanding of how to derive the most value from contract price adjustment and the SEIFSA indices (public and in-house workshops offered) *

*Kindly contact the SEIFSA office for a quote

However, it doesn’t stop there. SEIFSA now offers the following additional benefits and services, thus ensuring that our subscribers receive maximum value from their subscriptions.

Subscribers to SEIFSA PIPS are entitled to a free monthly report containing commentary on the state of price escalation for that relevant month. The reports give a high-level overview of escalation trends and market intelligence about the state and direction of price escalation. The reports equip companies with tools to plan for current and future cost implications.


Given the importance of international trade and the fact that South African companies are increasing their presence globally, these new indices will have an international focus. These will include:

  • The exchange rates of major trading partner countries
  • Production price and consumer price inflation indices of these countries
  • Interest rates of countries around the world
  • Domestic and global fuel/diesel/gas price indices

The indices and the process of putting them together are audited by an external senior professor from the University of Pretoria, in order to ensure that best international practice is followed in putting the indices together.

Our regular interactions and information sharing sessions with the Price Unit at Statistics South Africa are beneficial since they allow for exchanges of information and enable us to check our processes against a reputable authority.


We have found that friction between buyers and suppliers in a contract often arises from the two parties not always understanding the contract price adjustment process or its mechanics. Where disparities arise between the two contracting parties, subscribers will now have the benefit of approaching SEIFSA to act as a mediator. While SEIFSA will not get involved with the financial detail of the contract, we will review the matter from an objective viewpoint and suggest a best practice solution for the parties to move forward.


Any-time-access to an online portal housing up-to-date data 24 hours a day.

Subscribers to SEIFSA PIPS are entitled to a free monthly report containing commentary on the state of price escalation for that relevant month.