Do you have profitability issues?

For this month only, our team of expert consultants are ready to assist you for free. Simply fill in the form and we’ll call you back. We can assist you with a wide range of queries including:

  • Completion of tenders;
  • Claims for the adjustments of contract prices;
  • Price movement for materials, services, transport and labour costs;
  • Specific indices for use in the metal and engineering industries;
  • Sustaining profitability
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Why is PIPS so important


Did you know that SEIFSA Price and Index Pages product can help you solve profitability issues. The SEIFSA Price and Index Pages is essential to the completion of tenders and claims for the adjustment of contract prices and price escalation claims.

It covers indices for materials and services costs, statutory and actual labour costs and there are a number of sector specific indices developed for use in the metal and engineering industry.