The SEIFSA Price and Index Pages is essential to the completion of tenders and claims for the adjustment of contract prices and price escalation claims. It covers indices for materials and services costs, statutory and actual labour costs and there are a number of sector specific indices developed for use in the metal and engineering industry.

The SEIFSA Price and Index Pages is published monthly by the Economic and Commercial Services unit and is available on a subscription basis. The subscription includes automatic access to the electronic Price and Index Pages on this website.

Established reputation

For more than five decades SEIFSA’s Price and Index Pages have been accepted by contract and procurement managers, buyers and sales and marketing personnel as the sole source of independent and trusted benchmark with over 230 indices used for contract price and escalation purposes.

This monthly publication has an established reputation for providing up-to-date indices that measure changes in cost inputs such as labour, material, services and road freight costs.

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) is a national employer Federation representing the metal and engineering industry. For 70 years, SEIFSA has provided active support for employer Associations and lobbied for policies that haveimproved the business environment in which its members operate.

Focused target market

Published on the last day of every month, the Price and Index Pages has a subscription base of more than 1200 companies operating in various sectors of the economy. The subscription base includes parastatals, government departments, municipalities, mining houses, banks and various manufacturing companies. Individual readership is estimated to be over 10 000 users of the product.

The Price and Index Pages subscription caters to both buying companies, that need to contain project costs and ensure market related price escalation on projects and also to selling companies, that need to motivate price increases to clients.

The Price and Index Pages is only available on a subscription basis. The subscription includes password access to the indices on this website.

Our success is shown in the continued successful growth of industry within SA.

Why use PIPS?

Lead times between tender, order and delivery can be considerable – often a year or more, and it is important, especially in today’s volatile global economy, for tendering companies to have a way of adjusting their contract prices to compensate them for unforeseen occurring cost increases during the period between tender and delivery.

The indices published in the Price and Index Pages measure changes in cost inputs. By including data from these indices in a Contract Price Adjustment (CPA) formula to calculate escalation, a company can calculate the average changes in costs of labour, steel, transport and other inputs affecting the final cost of manufacture. These calculations and other materials and services allow the tenderer to adjust delivery prices in line with unforeseen cost increases.

The Price and Index Pages assists companies to conclude contracts that allow for price adjustment provisions that are fair and equitable to both parties. The value of escalation claims in South Africa is in excess of R7 billion a year.