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Profitability is the single most important reason business people start businesses. Sustainability, being the ability to maintain your business at a certain level now and into the future, is a direct result of remaining profitable.

PIPS (Price and Index Pages) provides access to 230 independent market or product-specific indices, ensuring that Contract Price Adjustments is fair and equitable to both client and supplier.


Why subscribe to PIPS?

The SEIFSA Price and Index Pages is essential to the completion of tenders and claims for the adjustment of contract prices and price escalation claims. It covers indices for materials and services costs, statutory and actual labour costs and there are a number of sector specific indices developed for use in the metal and engineering industry.

The SEIFSA Price and Index Pages is published monthly by the Economic and Commercial Services unit and is available on a subscription basis. The subscription includes automatic access to the electronic Price and Index Pages on this website. Once subscribed, a user will have 24 hour access to the latest electronic tables, history information as well as a monthly report on price movement, compiled by SEIFSA’s Economics Unit.

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Free telephone assistance from SEIFSA’s Economics and Commercial Division on questions and queries a company may have.

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Any-time-access to an online portal housing up-to-date data 24 hours a day.

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A free monthly report on price movement compiled by SEIFSA’s Economics Devision.

Consulting and Training

SEIFSA also offers dedicated consulting for specific contracts and training on the use of the Price and Index Pages, at discounted rates.

Mondi uses the Price and Index Pages , and particularly the L2 index, for our quarterly review / costs benchmarks.

This table , is thus used extensively when reviewing rate adjustments for our transport contractors.

The L2 index, with the detailed cost components and information , like the fuel and other cost elements, gives Mondi a clear indication on how the market is responding to cost pressures.

AfriSam use of Seifsa Price and Index Pages

Seifsa Price and Index Pages are widely known and use in the logistics industry, due to the alignment to actual industry trends, making the data a core indicator in our operations.

AfriSam use the figures to adjust contracted rates with our service providers. Contracts between AfriSam and contracted service providers are set-up with periodical rate adjustments base on the Seifsa Price and Index figures. Because the figures reflect actual industry trends, coming from a neutral party, both AfriSam and our service providers view the figures as trustworthy and willing to base future contract rates on the figures.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, the Seifsa Price and Index Pages is use extensively in AfriSam Logistics as a guideline on distribution inflation and periodical rate adjustments.

The reliability of the figures are also reflected in the service from Seifsa's personal; newest tables are always distributed timeously upon request.

Best regards Kobus

Although not part of the Steel and Engineering Industry, since inception Barloworld Logistics has
extensively utilised the indices published by SEIFSA on their PIPS Website as the basis for the escalation calculations on our various contracts.

While multiple index tables are used in various applications, the table we have used most extensively is Table L2 – Road freight costs. The elements comprising the index as well as the proportions in which they are applied result in a reliable and accurate escalation basis for Transport operations, which are broadly accepted by both transport suppliers and customers.

In summary, the relevance of the index tables, reliability of the monthly updates coupled with the ease of access thereto makes the SEIFSA PIPS website an integral element of our business operations.

Yours faithfully Steven Godfrey General Manager: Commercial